Whether you’re an owner wishing to lease your residence or a tenant looking for a new apartment in Houston, our team of experienced leasing agents are here for you every step of the way.


Chrystal Bender’s attention to detail is what has made her a star in Houston’s real estate community and at Nan & Company Properties. With seven years of experience under her belt as a licensed agent, Chrystal knows how to hone in on the wants and needs of her clients.

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Yvonne Campos may be relatively new to the real estate industry, but she is far from inexperienced when it comes to building relationships and making a positive impact on those around her. After graduation, Yvonne became a certified Medical Assistant where she specialized in phlebotomy, referrals and insurance coordination. She then gained some experience in Human Resources, performing payroll and administrative duties for a family-owned business. Her days currently consist of her administrative contributions to Trafigura Trading’s management, where she assists over a hundred traders and lawyers.

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For Viola Estrada, real estate is an industry she’s been interested in for quite some time. After working with the Sysco Corporation, she decided for a career change and started taking real estate courses. She also became a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Texas Association of Realtors. She’s been in love with the industry ever since and has never looked back. Viola believes that the best part about real estate is helping clients find a place to call home.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | CELL: 713.416.7033 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://violaestrada.nanproperties.com/


For his entire career, Thomas Eureste has been dedicated to helping people get the best out of life by nourishing their bodies, and now as an agent with Nan and Company Properties, he is using his passion for real estate to connect home buyers with rewarding luxury lifestyle options.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | CELL: 832.866.3208 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://thomaseureste.nanproperties.com/


It seems Natalie Garza was destined to thrive in the real estate industry. A third generation Texan, she grew up watching and learning from her parents, who managed rental properties. Thanks to her varied background in construction, design, and investing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every interaction with her clients at Nan and Company Properties.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | CELL: 713.344.8764 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://nataliegarza.nanproperties.com/


A career in real estate has always been inevitable for Chloe Hernandez. Even at a very young age, she loved joining her dad at open houses overhearing him negotiate with other brokers. As a firm believer in going after what you’re passionate about, Chloe’s heart has always rested in real estate. Her favorite part of the industry is helping clients find their forever home while making it an enjoyable process.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://chloehernandez.nanproperties.com/


Abraham Khawaja joined the real estate industry in 2016, but he has had a passion for properties for years. What drives his interest in the field is not the money or thrill of closing a deal – it’s the genuine relationships he builds while helping families realize their dream of luxury living.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://abrahamkhawaja.nanproperties.com/


Jason Nguyen has been in the real estate industry since 2011, and first got his start in the industry through his parents. His parents were real estate investors and private lenders that both invested in properties and commercial projects and flipped houses around the city. Jason started house hunting with his parents at a very young age, learning everything they knew about the industry from experience.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | CELL: 713.703.0217 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://jasonnguyen.nanproperties.com


Sophia Shah strives to make the process of buying, selling, and leasing a property as simple as possible for her clients. Before joining the real estate industry, she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Houston. Her professional background includes Project Management from the Environmental Industry, as well as, International Petrochemical Trading. By using her experience, Sophia manages her transactions with professional efficiency.

OFFICE: 713.714.6454 | EMAIL:  [email protected] | WEBSITE:  http://sophiashah.nanproperties.com/


Ashley Valdez is a seasoned professional with a passion for offering solutions for all your real estate needs. She understands the struggles her clients may face when it comes to buying and selling, and she doesn’t just work through the challenges, she thrives on them. Each sales transaction allows her the opportunity to employ her unique set of skills and push herself to bring forth the best results for her clients.

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